All-in-one email service extension

RMail is an all-in-one email extension for security, compliance and productivity, providing senders with simple-to-use email open tracking, certified e-delivery proof, compliant email encryption, electronic signatures, large file transfers, auditable proof of compliance, and more. Powered by patented Registered Email technology, RMail returns a Registered Receipt record for every message sent, providing and proving important e-delivery details and data privacy compliance.



Track and certify your important emails and know precisely when they're delivered and opened.


Prove email delivery, time of delivery, and exact content with a Registered Receipt email record that’s automatically generated with every RMail message.


Easily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance.


Accelerate legally-binding signoff on documents and agreements with our simple-to-use electronic signature feature.


Securely transfer large files, documents and attachments up to 1GB.

E-Mail Tools

Automatically convert documents to PDF while in route to the recipient, and more.