Professional White-Label
Cloud Automation Platform

Hosted Odin is a Odin Automation based professional White-Label Cloud Automation platform for cloud business applications.

Hosted Odin allows service providers to deliver a complete virtual data center with fully integrated deployment and management automation, pay-per-use billing, a customer self-service capability, and an online cloud services store.



Brandable customer portal, forms such as notifications, quotes and invoices, Notifications based on customizable templates and in multiple languages


Comprehensive marketplace options include out-of-the-box storefront, control panel or custom integrations, Complete payment and domain plug-ins available


Ordering and Provisioning automation, manual provisioning to sell non-subscription based offers such as hardware, professional services, Service management with automated activation

Billing & Invoicing

Definable billing frequencies by offer type (weekly, monthly, annual, anniversary, pro-rata), easy integration to third party incumbent invoicing systems (XML, CSV, API), Taxation and tariff assignment, Email PDF or Print based billing


Payment gateway integration to popular merchant systems, Payment reconciliation and history, Integration with AR and credit management systems, Credit hold and solvency check automation


Internationalization support (time/date formats, multi-language, multi-currency, tax models). Already integrated languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Nederlands


APS: the Cloud-ready Standard.

The future of software and services is in the cloud. APS helps service providers and application developers realize the opportunities of this new world.

APS doesn't change the way applications work – it just makes them a lot easier for providers to sell, and for customers to buy and use. As a powerful, shared standard, APS essentially makes completely separate services act as one.

The result: Service providers can offer unique cloud solutions of applications that work well together, and application developers can reach new markets, faster.

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