Cloud Desktop

Flexible and Secure Remote Desktop.

No matter where you are access your personal desktop with all of your software and applications from any browser and any device. Cloud Desktop is your vitual and remote desktop, making sure that your workspace and applications are always available.

We offer you an affordable solution with no upfront investments needed. The remote desktop can be customized with business-specific software and add-ons to create a comprehensive remote workspace for any SMB. Stay productive wherever you are, with reduced costs and increased flexibility.



All data is backed-up daily. If you lose or break your PC or laptop you can easily restore the files back to your computer. Your data and applications are always accessible no matter what happens.


Instead of paying a fixed amount per employee per month, save costs by paying only for the functionalities that are used. In addition, create and cancel workstations on the go when your employees’ start or when contracts have ended.

Access anywhere, anytime

With Cloud Desktop, businesses of any size can provide their employees with a remote workspace, allowing them to manage their digital lives from a single interface, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

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