Let's manage all your cloud services with us.

One platform to manage all your cloud service subscriptions.


One platform to access more than 100+ cloud applications.

Cloud Marketplace

Shop, compare, and search Cloud services from different ISVs, get notified about newest Software trials and promotions and manage all your cloud services, domains and hosting subscriptions easily from one central dashboard.

User & License Management

Administrators can quickly provision and deprovision users, upgrade and downgrade subscriptions and cancel subscriptions.

Domain & DNS Management

Manage domains and cloud services subscription in one central place. When setting up your domains you can decide to delegate it to cloud products and use our auto-configuration (e.g. for Office 365)

Subscription Management

Never forget to cancel a Cloud service anymore: with CloudSitter you get an overview about all your running subscriptions: recurring one-time, pay per use or reservation, use auto renew or cancel.

Identity & Access Management

Granular roles and rights management, hierarchical and relational entities, Single-Sign-On (SSO) with API deep-linking and Multiple directory integration (e.g. Active Directory).

Billing & Invoicing

Get only one invoice about all your services, profit from Chargebacks, use our internal Contract management and get invoices with correct Taxation calculation.

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